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Teammates Carry On

ph. Kolman Rosenberg pictured: Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton From ESPN web article High school teammates carry on by Tom Rinaldi (8/6/2009)

photo by Kolman Rosenberg
Pictured, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. From the ESPN web article "High school teammates carry on" by Tom Rinaldi (8/6/2009)

Meet Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. Recent graduates from Lincoln-West High School in Cleveland (June 2009), the bestfriends captured America’s heart after their amazing bond and extraordinaly life story were featured in an ESPN article.

Dartanyon has suffered from Leber’s Disease, a chronic condition causing visual loss, for most of his life. Today, he is legally blind.

At 11 years old, Leroy lost both of his legs, his left below the knee and his right just below the hip, when he was sucked under a train on his way to school.

Most who know the boys say they can’t remember when it happened, that Dartanyon began carrying Leroy on his back, but the two were inseparable through their senior season in wrestling. The boy who can’t see carrying the boy with no legs. As much as they take their disbaility in stride, often teasing eachother about the other’s diability mercilessly, the two complete for eachother what outsiders would see them as missing. In truth, the two see their disabilities as a challenge. As in the case with Dartanyon, most never know he is legally blind until he has told them, a feat his coach says comes from the way he carries himself. And on the wrestling mat, both boys wrestle with moves that are bold and quick.

photo by Kolman Rosenberg

photo by Kolman Rosenberg

The personal odds that these two friends have conquered are amazing. Much of Dartanyon’s childhood years were lived on the streets with his alcoholic father, and yet he still went to school everyday. Leroy faced pity from those who didn’t know him, something he didn’t let go unpunished when faced with on the wrestling mat.

Dartanyon and Leroy’s story is amazing, and something that this simple paraphased post can’t even begin to demonstrate. The ESPN article written on the friends can be read here, as well as a short video. After their story aired, a trust fund was set up in response to the story. You can visit the trustfund’s website here. Called the Carry On Trust, the funds donated will be used towards the boy’s higher education endeavors.

Currently, both boys will be participating in the upcoming Para Olympics.

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Carry On Trust

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