Art is a Blind Man’s Profession

CBS Feature Story: John Bramblitt

From the CBS 11 Dallas Feature Story, "Through The Lens: Blind Denton Artist" aired May 17, 2010

“Since I first lifted a brush I have constantly questioned what perception truly is. If ’seeing is believing’ then what can I truly know?”

A rumination blogged by the artist in his January 28th post entitled “What is This?” Artist, author, and blind man, John Bramblitt went on to describe how being blind isn’t a matter in which he perceives himself, but rather an influence to his art. He goes on the speak of Picasso and his well known quote that “painting is a blind man’s profession,” and though this sentiment is certainly true in its most literal of senses, Bramblitt refers to this as a statement more about insight rather than eye sight.

We could go on forever about this remarkable artist, but that simply wouldn’t be doing him justice. Bramblitt has used his art and technology to make himself completely accessible to the world. It is highly encouraged that you visit Bramblitt’s website where you can see homemade videos of the artist at work, visit the online gallery featuring his works, and follow the link to his blog where he speaks candidly about his life and works.

CBS Feature Story (Video), Through The Lens: Blind Denton Artist”
John Brmablitt website
John Bramblitt blog

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