We all walk in different shoes

Kenneth Cole Ad: Delmon Dunston

Kenneth Cole campaign ad "We all walk in different shoes" featuring Delmon Dunston. Image found in Google search.

Have you noticed the pervailing theme of the past several posts, this one included. Recently, strings of mainstream commercials and advertisment campaigns have featured remarkable individuals with varying disabilites. It’s part of a sudden boom linked to the dawning realization by businesses that people with disabilities are another target demongraphic with money. Hot on the heals of this media explosion comes everything from financial services to cell phone makers to mainstream companies tailoring products to attract this new targeted market.

In the recent past, organizations have sprung up all over the United States, Canada, and Britain with the mission to advocate for better media representation of disability and to quash otherwise ignorant and widely held misconceptions that had abounded. Now, businesses and media purveyors alike are seeing the disabled community for what it is, a populus of estimated $1 trillion in consolidated buying power, according to WeMedia, an internet portal specializing in real estate and emplpyment services for the disabled.

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  1. Rodrigo Knapp on

    If only more people could hear this!

  2. Mabel Holley on

    Very great article. Honestly.

  3. Karyn Terry on

    If only more people would read about this.

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