Deaf Motocross FTW!

Ashley Fiolek

Images of Ashley Fiolek courtesy of Red Bull's Garth Milan

Who needs to hear the roaring purr of the motorcycle engine beneath them when they can feel it. At least thats how female motocross elite Ashley Fiolek feels. Despite being deaf, Fiolek has emerged as one of the sport’s dominant forces to contend with. But as Fiolek points out in a June 1st interview GrindTV, “I have grown up riding that way so it’s nothing new to me.”

Fiolek, a petite 19 year old Floridian is currenly campaigning for her third consecutive WMA title, replacing five-time champion Jessica Patterson as the sport’s premier athlete. She’s also co-written the book “Kicking Up Dirt: A True Story of Determination, Deafness and Daring,” available here on

You can read more on this remarkable racer in this GrindTV article. The article goes on to talk about her childhood in the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and her parents life altering decision to take her out of the school for homeschooling instead. And you can read about how men in motocross feel about one day maybe having to contend with Fiolek on the track themselves.

Thomas, Pete. “Ashley Fiolek Overcomes Deafness to Excel as One of Motocross Racing’s Elite.” The GrindTV Blog. GrindTV, 1 June 2010. Web.

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