Spend Father’s Day in the Great Outdoors

Gov. Charlie Crist announced on Tuesday another free fishing weekend to encourage people (especially dads and their kids on this upcoming Father’s Day holiday) to go saltwater fishing along Florida’s amazing sugar sand coastlines. All Florida residents and visitors are invited to fish statewide for saltwater species without a license during the upcoming Father’s Day weekend, June 19-20. All other saltwater fishing rules continue to apply.

This announcement comes on the heels of mistaken perceptions that fishing in Florida is not open because of the BP oil spill. Crist encourages Dad’s and their families to experience the outdoors together in some Floridian-style family bonding and lend a helping hand to Florida’s fishing communities which have been economically suffering after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

And for Father’s and families unable to saltwater fish by boat or from the beach because of physical disabilities, don’t forget the Pier at Pier Park, foramlly known as the Russell-Fields Pier. Prices for all pier admittance can be found here, but in general, spectating costs merely $2, fishing $6, and fishing for disabled (presentation of registration and handicap sticker may be required) $3.

And there is room for fishing for even the tiniest or bulkiest wheelchairs, walkers, or other physical assistive devices–as one of our GCCC alumn demonstrates in this hilarious photograph of his time on the Pier:
Wheelchair Access Pier
The Pier features this nifty wheelchair accessible railing. The top of the railing lifts up while the center of the railing folds down. The “gate” is locked, so be sure to tell the ticket person if you plan on fishing at the wheelchair accessble rail.

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