Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage Dog

"You’re Gonna Be Missed!" circa from the Independence Seaport Museum, Detwiler Collection 1996.37.1b

We’re sad to see him go, but we send him with hopeful hearts and a pocket full or well wishes for his new journey. Bobby Hughes has been a deidcated servant to the students of Gulf Coast Community College for eleven years. Impacting countless lives, Bobby has helped students in the Financial Aid department as well as here with us at Disability Support Services. Behind the scenes, Bobby has sat on numerous boards and committees always championing for a better Gulf Coast for our students.

Now, Bobby is out to conquer the University of Maryland’s Virginia campus where he will know doubt continue his dedicated service to their students. While we are terribly saddened to see him go, and a few of us may even wish horrific torrential downpours of rain daily on the Virginia campus until they return our Bobby Hughes back to us, we wish him all the best and send our love in a travel-on carry case with him.

Be sure to say goodbye to Bobby before he leaves. All attempts to convince him to stay are futile…trust us, we’ve tried. Plans for sabotage, however….well, we won’t deny they’re in the works. Bobby’s officially last day at Gulf Coast Community College is July 1st.

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