Miles Mendenhall from Bravo’s Work of Art

Bravo’s Project Runway inspired reality competition Work of Art: The Next Great Artist has delivered what promises to be a season chock full of amazing art, tempertantrums, and just plain bizarre personalities. One young favorite, Miles Mendenhall (23), a printmaker and installation artist from just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, is among them. Below is his Bravo bio video for the show, but what he doesn’t mention in this video that he does later discuss in episode one (available on Hulu) is that Miles has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Miles Bio Video for Bravo’s Work of Art, posted with vodpod

Mendenhall attended the University of Minnesota, though there are some conflicting reports on whether or not he actually graduated. In any case, Mendenhall is an artistic personality worth noting as the University published a video interview on his opinion on art history and where reality tv fits in the larger picture of art history on thier YouTube channel. That video can be seen below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Miles Mendenhall on Art History and Reality TV, posted with vodpod


While we look forward to seeing more of Mendenhall’s works on the show (in the first episode he makes a screen print in the style of death photography in a portayal of the inner essence of one of his fellow contestants), a few of his pieces can be seen below:

Examples of Miles Mendenhall’s works via

Check out Miles Mendenhall’s website for more examples of his screenprinted works.

Contestants of the show, Work of Art, are currently competing for a chance at $100,000 and a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.

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