Connor Doran in Las Vegas for America’s Got Talent Final Auditions

We first wrote about Connor Doran back in June when he auditioned for American’s Got Talent with his Indoor Kite Flying. Doran suffers from severe epilepsy, a condition which doctors diagnosed him with at the age of four with the grim prognosis that he would eventually need to be institutionalized.

Connor received three votes from the America’s Got Talent judges at the Portland auditions, sending him through to the next rounds of auditions in Las Vegas. The video below is Doran’s follow up performance in Las Vegas, where contestants competed for one of 48 spots in the Hollywood finals. [Note: This video contains all the auditions in the Kid’s Category. The video is only 5 minutes long and chock full of talented kids, but if you would like to just skip forward to Doran’s performance, his audition begins at 2:24 in the video reel.]

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KId Category America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Aud…, posted with vodpod

Doran did not go through to the Hollywood round. While the judges do not tell the express reason for why they did not choose to send Doran through to the next rounds of competition, it was a little discouraging to hear their “concerns” about sending Doran through — questioning whether or not he could “handle going live.” While their concern may be sincere, the potential that they worried that Doran’s condition — the very same condition that brought him to his extraordinary talent — was a hinderance to his performance rather than an asset is the exact opposite reaction that they should have had. Their concern also seems a bit uneducated — that perhaps they don’t truly understand epilepsy — being that he performed in front of a huge live audience during his Portland audition.

Well, perhaps while auditioning in Vegas he was seen by some Cirque du Soliel fairy godmother and we’ll be seeing him in one of their infamous shows.

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