World of Jenks

World of Jenks

World of Jenks, aires Monday nights on MTv.

Andrew Jenks is a 24-year old filmmaker currently making his way on MTv. At 19, Jenks moved into a nursing home for over a month and documented what like was like when you are “near the end.” What began as a low budget summer project turned into a feature documentary that went on to premier on HBO and played in theaters areound the world. The feedback from this documentary spurred Jenks desire to tell the stories of his generation, and through filmmaking he wanted to capture what his generation thinks, how they act, and ultimately what they stand for. This became the inspiration to his new MTv show, World of Jenks.

Along with a small camera crew, Jenks embeds himself in various worlds and lives in the shoes of people his age from all walks of life. Jenks tries valiantly to full immerse himself in their world, to understand their lives from their perspectives. Though Jenks begins each documentary with an idea of what that person’s story is — like characters he’s read about and are now going to meet — he ultimately leaves with a different perspective and thus a story he never saw coming. This becomes an interesting facet that the audience also get to experience with each episode.

The second episode of World of Jenks aires tonight (Sept. 13 @ 10/9c) on MTv, and follows Chad, a 20-year old living with Autism.

For more on the episode and on World of Jenks, head on over to And don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode at 10/9c. You can also watch the full episode on after tonight’s premier.

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  1. berenice on

    thankz for everything your shows have inspired me alot and to become a better person i hope to see u one day.

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