Covert Affairs show a blind eye in USA Network’s characters to watch

Braille Sense Plus QWERTY

Braille Sense Plus QWERTY Notetaker and MP3 PLayer

USA Network’s newest Fall drama, Covert Affairs, features yet another of the networks trademark interesting “characters,” though it’s his technology we’re coveting.

A former CIA agent special operative, Auggie (played by Christopher Gorham) was blinded during a mission. He is now heading up the tech ops department within the DPD. Now, the system we’re featuring here [above] isn’t as sexy as the one that Auggie uses (after all, the CIA doesn’t share information so why would they share the sexy), but it is the same type of technology. The Braille Sense Plus QWERTY Notetaker and MP3 Player is the first notetaker with a computer style keyboard that can perform notetaking, word processing, email, web browsing, MP3 player, and digital audio recorder all in one powerful device. The device gives the blind and visually impaired the flexibility to type on a standard keyboard and also have a Braille display in a compact, portable notetaker. To see this bad boy in action, watch this PSA from Chris Gorham celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Covert Affairs’ Christopher Gorham PSA for 20th…, posted with vodpod

In case you’re interested in the Braille Sense Plus QWERTY Notetaker and MP3 Player, the device features an easy user interface with a menu structure similar to Microsoft Windows, built-in Bluetooth plus wired/wireless internet, various software programs, including File manager, word processor, schedule manager, address manager, e-mail, MSN messenger, FM radio, Daisy player, media player, scientific calculator, alarm clock, and more. There is also VGA interface so that you may have a converstaion with a large group using the VGA port with an external monitor or projector. More specifics on the Braille Sense Plus QWERTY can be found here.

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