Braille Screen by Danny Greenfield

Braille Screen by Danny Greenfield

Braille Screen, 3 screens of 1 inch Baltic Birch Plywood, lacquered and finished, by Dannye Greenfield. Featured at

Design for disabilities doesn’t just have to be all about function or for the disabled, as these room dividers prove.

As its designer, Danny Greenfield, explains:

“Based in the Braille system for binary coding, they function as a double entendre between the original, conceptual logic driving the piece and its architectural double. Spelling out “If these walls could see”, the matrix of dots which characterizes the nature of the screens are entirely subtracted from the width of the plank, so that the effect is no longer a haptic sensation but a remarkably visual one.

This perceptual game of seeing through the “blind man’s script” is an exercise in subtle exposure of space beyond (or space within), and act as a commentary between the notion of spectatorship and voyerism. A sophisticated addition to any contemporary interior, these screens fold up to alleviate crowded urban living.”

See more and detailed images of the Braille Screen by designer Danny Greenfield here at

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