MasterChef America

Masterchef America

Masterchef America via Fox Broadcasting

Famed chef Gordon Ramsey took MasterChef, a wildly popular show on the BBC in the UK, as well as Australia and New Zealand, to America, capping off the last of Fox Broadcasting’s summer line up. If you didn’t keep up with the show as it was airing, no worries — full episodes of the show can be watched at with limited commercial interruption and finished in only a short 8 episodes.

Having its first run in America , the contestants were as diverse as the food they cooked. This years competition featured Jennifer, a homemaker with two special needs children, and Darrell who was born with Ectrodactyly, sometimes referred to as “Lobster-claw Syndrome.”

Both contestants only made is as far as the preliminary tryouts, but you can see them in action in the episodes Auditions Part 1 & 2 at

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