A great planner organizer, recommended for ADD

Students often come to our department seeking advice from our organizing guru in organizing their student life. But organization is much like disabilities in that methods of organization have a few general principles — symptoms if you will — that apply to all areas of organizing but the act of organization is different for each individual.

But here is a planner that our organizing guru highly recommends, especially for students with ADD and other attention deficit disorders.

Planner Pad Organizer

The Planner Pad Organizer from plannerpads.com

The Planner Pad Organizer, from plannerpads.com, utilizes a funnel-like system to aid in prioritizing, organizing, and planning business and personal activities. The planner dedicates a two-page spread for each week, so you can see your entire weeks’ worth of planning with one look.

How the funnel system works is rather fundamental to the process of organization. First, the planner is broken up into 3 sections: the top acts as a To Do List; the second is your daily activity plan, and the third, lower section is your appointment book. As the picture above demonstrates, the planner creates a natural funnel of organization for planning your whole week. By filling out your weeks’ To Do List, you can see all the activities that need be done for the week. You can then visualize, prioritize, and organize your activities from your To Do List into your daily activity plan — the second, middle section. You select the things in your To Do List that need attention and assign specific days for that action. In the third, lower section — your appointment book — you then schedule to people you’ll be seeing, the meetings to attend, and the personal activities that have scheduled times.

Planner Pad Organizer page enlarged

Enlarged view of the Planner Pad Organizer page

The funnel system built into this planner allows you to break down all those tasks in your daily life into easily manageable ones that are organized, prioritized, and scheduled.

The Planner Pad Organizer also comes with many other features such as instructions on how to proficiently use your planner,a special section dedicated to recording your goals, track your results, and collect ideas, monthly calendar pages as well as a forward planning calendar, address book, time zone map, and much more. Visit the Planner Pad Organizer’s product pages {click here] for more information.

The Planner Pad Organizers come in loose-leaf, spiral bound, and desk calendar formats. View information on your chosen planner style on the company’s Products Page.

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