Cue Camp Virginia 2010

While we love seeing the inspiration, advocacy, and involvement in the community of individuals with disabilities around the world, nothing warms our hearts more than to see these strides being taken by our own students. Recently, our student, Samantha, attended this years (2010) Cue Camp Virginia (CCV).

Hosted by the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA), this year’s Cue Camp also shared its 20th Annual anniversary.

Below is a picture from Samantha at this year’s event:

Samantha Cue Camp Virginia 2010

Samantha at Cue Camp Virginia 2010. Photo courtesy of Samantha.

Cue Camp Virginia is but one of the tools that NVCSA uses in its mission to provide advocacy, education, and support for families and professionals who choose to use Cued Speech with deaf or hard of hearing children. Through the camp, the NVCSA provides moral and emotional support and encouragment to the children and their families who have chosen Cued Speech. The camp further provides an opportunity for social interaction with other cue users, as well as a network of members who are on the same journey and understand the challenges and frustrations they face.

For more information on Cued Speech, read our previous post here or visit the National Cued Speech Association’s official page at You can also visit the North Virginia Cued Speech Association’s (NVCSA) official page at

Stay posted for a follow-up interview with Samantha about the camp, her experiences, and life using Cued Speech.

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