Its all about the SACS

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Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Students will notice that this semester the campus has added to the strength and learning styles of our campus curriculums with QEP. This QEP Fact Sheet explains more on QEP, but its overall mission is the Enhance Students’ Critical Academic Literacy (CAL) through changes in classroom pedagogy.

QEP is but one of the many changes that Gulf Coast Community College has undertaken towards making Gulf Coast the leading competitive institution that it is. These changes have been encouraged, and GCCC has risen to the challenge, by SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, whose mission is the improvement of education in the South through accreditation.

While we here at GCCC have been preparing for SACS for the last two years, next week will see the arrival of SACS delegates on the campus. They will be here to see the changes, improvements, and excellent education and facilities that we offer to our students and local community. While SACS is here, the Disability Support Services (DSS) program will be open and operational as normal. The representatives will be on campus beginning Tuesday, October 26th and will be conducting their study through Thursday, October 28th. As always, we remain committed to providing the services and accommodations that our students need.

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