Panama City Beach participates in cutting edge animal stem cell therapy

Animal Stem Cell procedure

Image via Google search.

A Panama City Beach animal clinic participated in first ever in-clinic animal stem cell procedure in Florida.

Labrador, Hummer, and Doberman-Collie mix, Rascal, one suffering from hip dysplasia and the other from osteoarthritis, went in last Friday (Oct. 22nd) for an in-clinic adult stem cell therapy procedure that’s only been performed in five states, Florida included, since June.

Once mastered, the procedure only takes three hours to complete and is an outpatient procedure.

Dr. Mike Hutchison, the leading stem cell practitioner in the country explains in this article, the technology uses the body’s repair system by harvesting a little bit of fat from the animal, processing it, activating those stem/repair cells, and then giving them back to the animal. This therapy has been tested on cats, dogs, and horses, all with positive results across the board.

The in-clinic animal stem cell procedure costs between $1700-$1800, and is about half the cost of other procedures.

Dr. hutchison has expressed belief that in two to three years time, stem cell therapy will be standard of care procedure in every veterinary practice in North America.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Hummer’s and Rascal’s procedures went according to plan and both dogs were recovering at home by Friday evening.

Hill, Alexandra. “Panama City Beach Participates In Cutting Edge Pet Procedure.” WJHG News Channel 7 10 O’clock News. ABC. WJHG, Panama City, Florida, 22 Oct. 2010. Television.

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