Panama City Zombie Walk…just doing their part to support a little brain cancer

Looking for a little fun this upcoming holiday weekend. Why not kickoff the spooky shenanigans with some zombie fun at this Friday night’s Panama City Zombie Walk.

Toronto Zobmbie Walk

Toronto, Canada, Zombie Walk. Image via Google search.

While new to the area, Zombie Walks are an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes and participants make their way around the city streets shambling through shopping malls and other public spaces in a somewhat orderly fashion. Though most are organized events, every once in a while some “zombies” are known to host spontaneous “flash mob” events. You can read more on the beginnings of Zombie Walks in this Wikipedia article, but simply surfing the internet will take you to countless organization websites, forums, and image galleries of zombie walks around the world.

The first, of what hopes to become an annual event, Panama City Zombie Walks will begin at 4:30 pm at Down Town Panama City, Florida. Participants–those who want to dress up and do a little shambling–will meet at the Marina Civic Center. If you just want to watch all the shambling fun, the mob will walk from the Civic Center down through the center of Down Town on Harrison Avenue.

For more information on the walk, visit Panama City Zombie Walk’s official Facebook page.

This will also be a charity event, so event coordinators will be accepting can food donations and/or monetary donations toward “Brain Cancer”. Silly Zombies.

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