Braille Polaroid Camera

One of the members of our DSS staff is a huge photo journaling junkie. In fact, the journaling junkie happens to be the one who writes these posts. In any case, photos are a huge part of this junkie’s life and imagines that to some degree its a large part of everyone’s life. Even if you’re the “only on holiday’s” convert or the “I will photograph every minunte of my entire day’s life, of every day, for every day of my existence” fanatic (you know who you are and now thanks to Facebook so does everybody else), photos convey the moments of our life in visual representations. How we then catalog, archive, and view those moments is creatively individual.

Braille Polaroid Camera

Braille Polaroid Camera. Image via red-dot design.

But what do the blind do for photographs? Is the art of scrapbooking lost to them? Do they take photographs and let others around them recount each one in detail to them? Do they make descriptive pop-up bubbles brought to textual life with braille instead of handwriting? And lets say with all that solved, is the art and beauty of the photograph still unattainable if you can’t actually see the image?

Now, what if that photograph could be seen…only…in braille.

Braille Polaroid Camera

Braille Polaroid Camera.

The Braille Polaroid Camera, by designers Son Seunghee, Lee Sukyung, and Kim Hyunsoo, has a built-in braille printer, and is designed for the visually impaired to record and print the world around them in braille!

The camera itself has been designed to resemble most other cameras, only the built-in printer immediately prints the image after the shot in braille. The images then recorded can be felt by the visually impaired individual, allowing them to “see” the world around them and the moments they have captured. It is also safe to collect the braille photographs in albums.

Currently the Braille Polaroid Camera is a concept design and was the 2008 winner for the reddot design award.

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