A Touch of Color

Earlier this spring (May) we wrote about blind artist John Bramblitt after he appeared in a CBS Dallas news special featuring his remarkable, textural paintings (read the post here).

Now meet this neat concept gadget, the Touch Color. From designers Yun Li, Guopeng Liang, and Ke Zhao, the Touch Color is the combination of a thermal digital tablet and a rainbow color picking ring which allows a blind person to paint colorful pictures with their finger across the tablet.

Touch Color

Touch Color concept gadget. Image via Yanko Design.

The 24 colors on the rings are differentiated by Braille, for the user, and varied temperature generated by the embedded LED bulbs. The user can then paint on the thermal art tablet by using their fingers, and the thermal-color display technology keeps track of the lines and colors the artist is using. Below are more images of the concept gadget and its features:

Touch Color Picker

The Touch Color color picker. 24 color sectors are located on the scroll wheel according to their hues. They are marked by abbreviated Braille dots and further differentiated by varied temperature, generated by various micro-voltages.

Touch Color color picker function

Capture a scene and get the color. Spin the wheel and choose a heartful color. Coloe is transmitted to the tablet. Draw with the color. Colors emerge on the tablet with thermal technology. Feel the contrast in thermal and show others your heartful creation. Some colors are regarded as cold, while others warm, according to physical wavelength, the characteristics of the perceiving eye and brain. Also, the concept of colors can be affected by individual's experience and its association.

Touch Color Tablet

Touch Color thermal technology tablet.

Touch Color Thermal Art Board

Touch Color Thermal Art Board. User can paint on the board with fingers, and keep track of outline and color filling by thermal-color display technology. User can also save, delete, transfer the picture and switch between learning mode and drawing mode through a set of buttons with audio aid. Above images all via Yanko Design.

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