Campus goes a little lupis

Here’s just one more example of the unique educational opportunities that GCCC offers its students, faculty, and staff in its commitment to enhancing education and cultural diversity and awareness on campus and within the community. As part of GCCC’s observance of Native American History month, the campus played host to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve who graciously brought to campus two of their bred British Columbian wolves for everyone to touch and observe. Yes, we said touch!

Seacrest Wolf Preserve honors its commitment to keeping the wild alive through its mission of “Preservation Through Education.” Along with the touchy-feelly part of the educational experience, preserve owner Cynthia Watkins also lectured on wolves to the gathering crowd.

The preserve is ultimately one of the most unique preserves in the lower 48 states, Alaska or Canada, in that guests to the preserve can experience the wolves up close and personal. Typically viewed through the chain link fence at other preserves, Seacrest takes guests on a journey into the wolves habitat on the preserve, home to Gray, Arctic, and British Columbian wolves.

Visit the Seacrest Wolf Preserve at for more information on the preserve, its mission, how you can help, and Wolf Encounter Tours dates and times.

Below are pictures from the GCCC event (even a few of our staff members got involved ^_^):

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