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NTID/RIT Deaf Awareness

Below is an amazing deaf awareness video from N.T.I.D/R.I.T.

NTID/RIT Deaf Awareness. Follow my videos on vodpod.

American Idol Season 10 New Jersey & New Orleans Audition

Its Idol fever again and last week sparked the new season of American Idol Season 10 with auditions being held in New Jersey and New Orleans. Below are Robbie Rosen and Paris Tassin, just two of the talented tryouts who made it through the first rounds of auditions, earning a golden ticket to continue competing in the Hollywood auditions.

Robbie Rosen once spent a portion of his childhood in a wheelchair after a childhood hip disease left him unable to walk. Robbie is one of the lucky few who grew out of the disease.

Paris Tassin is a young mother trying out for Idol in the hopes of being able to provide for her daughter, who is now deaf after contracting a condition called hydrocephalus, or more commonly known as water on the brain.

Robbie Rosen – American Idol Season 10 Auditions – New Jersey
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Paris Tassin "Temporary Home" American Idol Sea…
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Keep watching American Idol to see what other remarkable people are trying out for this season. Oh, and stay posted here, to the DSS of GCCC blog, for continued coverage.

Most Affordable Colleges in America…a “Did You Know” PSA

Gulf Coast Community College

Photograph by Andrew Wardlow for The News Herald.

The more expensive four-year colleges get, the better community colleges start to look. In 2009, 3.4 million people enrolled in community colleges as full-time students, up 16.4% over the year before, according to the most recent data from the American Association of Community Colleges. No longer perceived as a consolation prize for students with lower grades, many community colleges now offer strong academics and courses that easily transfer to large public and private universities. Several states, including California and Florida, now have “common course numbering,” which means English 101 at a community college is equivalent to the same course at a four-year public or private institution, says an AACC spokeswoman. And they’re cheap. Some of the best, according to some ratings, charge less than $4,000 per year and many have instituted tuition freezes. In Maine, a tuition freeze means annual tuition at the well-regarded Washington County Community College is only $3,514–and enrollment at the school, which offers 15 associate’s degree programs–has increased of 10% in the past year, says Darin McGaw, dean of enrollment services. For those in need, they also offer financial aid and scholarships. [Source]

Click here to find out about schools offering FREE tuition?


Meet Galileo, a wheelchair prototype that has the potential capabilities of supporting almost all levels of mobility that are otherwise virtually impossible for wheelchair users. Tasks like climbing stairs or curbs, reaching items on shelves, being eye level in a conversation, and healthy maintenance of organs, such as the kidneys whose healthy functioning is aided by the act of standing, have thus far been problems that the vast majority of manufacturers in the industry have not been able to find solutions to that meet price, ease of use and regulation needs.

As a prototype, Galileo’s design offers a compact solution to providing the widest range of mobility needs that we have thus far seen available in a single electric wheelchair.

Galileo wheelchair montage

  • Climb up and down stairs
  • Scale sidewalks
  • Quick & nimble
  • Support tilt, recline, tilt/recline combination
  • Elevate seat or lower to ground
  • Support stand-up position
  • Provide entry to vehicles with little or no modifications to vehicle
  • Traverse sand, gravel, or grass
  • Affordable

Galileo’s uniquely designed wheel & track technology allows for a wheelchair that can climb up and down stairs, curbs, travel across grass, gravel and sand, and remain quick and nimble across normal surfaces like pavement. Sounds a little wobbly? Not so! The chair is able to support a fully upright position regardless of terrain or steepness. The current prototype model has supported a 280lb individual up and down a steep staircase and across sand. Galileo’s ultimate vision is to be able to package these capabilities in a safe, intuitive platform and price it comparably to a standard power wheelchair.

Below is a promo video of the Calileo in action. There are several more videos of the chair in action that you can watch here, or simply visit

Galileo, posted with vodpod. Follow my videos on vodpod

Did You Know…

….this is what happens to the rest of the frog @_@ Makes you think twice about those all you can eat frog leg buffets, doesn’t it.

Comic Strip

Image found via Google search.

Just a little Tuesday morning humor to get you started.

Luke and Margie Race Again

Luke and Margie Adams

Luke and Margie Adams. Photo courtesy RIT/NTID

CBS network has confirmed yesterday that RIT/NTID alumnus Luke Adams and his mother, Margie, will be featured for a second time on the popular reality show “The Amazing Race” when the 18th season kicks off on February 20.

Luke, who received a bachelor’s degree from RIT/NTID in criminal justice in 2008, became the first deaf contestant on the show when he and his mother participated in the race around the world in season 14 (2009).

You can read more about Luke and what he’s doing now as well as a little bit about his adventures in his first race around the world here.


Inspiration Spotlight: Jeremy Stenberg

Jeremy Stenberg

Jeremy Stenberg. Image via Google search.

Born Jeremy Stenberg (September 27, 1981), this freestyle motocross rider and one of FMX’s top riders today, is affectionately known by industry and fans alike as ‘Twitch’, a name which he received because of his Tourette’s. Stenberg was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of five.

Twitch began riding motorbikes at the age of two after his father bought him his first bike. At 16 he joined the Metal Mulisha crew, and with the help of Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha Family and his own family, Twitch quickly rose to become one of FMX’s top riders.

Twitch is also known for starring in MTv’s True Life: I have Tourette’s Syndrome.

You can read more on Twitch here on ESPN Action Sports Athlete Bio: Jeremy Stenberg.

GCCC to Change Its Name

Gulf Coast Community College Banner

Photograph by Andrew Wardlow for The News Herald.

Last Thursday, January 13, the District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the name change of Gulf Coast Community College to Gulf Coast State College.

The name change comes more than 40 years after the college’s last name change from Gulf Coast Junior College to its current name of Gulf Coast Community College.

The new name is to honor the college’s past and emphasize its future plans to offer more four-year degree programs.

Dr. Kerley has emphatically held the position that we are still a community college, we’re just expanding our mission for the betterment of our community and to better meet the community’s needs.

The name change still has to be approved by the Florida Legislature, state Board of Education and accredidation organization Southern Associate of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

The college will still be known as GCCC throughout the semester until it gets final approval for the name change.

Read more on the college and its history making decision to change its name once again here

Carson, Daniel. “GCCC Adopts Gulf Coast State College as New Name.” The News Herald. 13 Jan. 2011. Web. 19 Jan. 2011.

UFC Fight for the Troops 2

UFC Fight for the Troops logo

Image via Google search.

If you’re an MMA (mixed martial arts) sports fan or just want to support a good cause with a little entertainment attached, UFC is hosting their second Fight for the Troops event. The event will be held January 22, 2011 at Fort Hood in Fort Hood, Tx, and will be televised via pay-per-view. Preliminary Bouts can also be watched on UFC’s Facebook page at

Click here to view the fight lineup.

The event will help raise funds for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides support for severely wounded military peronnel and veterans and the families of military personnel lost in service.

For more information on the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and to make donations, visit

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