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Tamara is a Tutor and DSS Assistant for Disability Support Services at Gulf Coast Community College.

Students who know me know that I go nowhere without my planner. Some keep diaries, others keep journals, I keep planners. Its my catch-all of daily life, to-do’s, gripes, quotes, doodles, and rantings of a mad-woman wrapped into a one year dated package. But while I am an obsessive compulsive micro-journaler, I don’t epect that everyone else is — try as I might to convert them.

Even still, one of the easiest ways to ensuring a successful college career is being organized. Many of you already use digital planners on any one of the many smartphones out there, but for my paper-n-pen kinda people, a hands-on planner just can’t be replaced by digital bits.

But one of the downfalls of a planner is that every year your perfect planner has to be replaced. I spend months — beginning around August — searching bookstores, office supply stores, boutiques, and countless hours online searching for the next year’s replacement. And though I keep my planner in my purse, for many students, carrying around yet another book, no matter how small or light, is less than desirable, and getting in the habit of carrying it around is often left to the wayside.

So here’s an option that is both affordable and customizable in so many ways.

DIY Planner and Calendar

Created by the graphic design husband and wife duo known as droplet on Etsy, the DIY Planner and Calendar allows you to choose the printed format and size that you desire. The planner/calendar is further customizable by its blank dates and open areas to write in the months. Essentially, for $10 you have a lifetime planner that’s as accessible as a printer away.

For full product details visit droplet on Etsy, or simply click here to go directly to the product’s page.

For the student with some knowledge, or a DIY weekend warrior attitude, the planner can fairly easily be made into a bound book, but for the student who doesn’t want an extra book to carry, or perhaps would like to have one of these handy planners in all of their class binders, the planner can be most easily printed out onto letter size paper of your choosing and inserted into a binder with simple three-punch holes.

DIY Planner and Calendar

The PDF contains all of the information that you need to print and make your own customized planner and calendar, and includes these 6 different page designs:

  • Monthly calendar page
  • Weekly calendar page
  • Notes page (2 versions)
  • Contact page

DIY Planner and Calendar

DIY Planner and Calendar

If you’re interested in this product or more, visit droplet at their Etsy store.

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