From the “Neat” Desk Of…

Tan is a Tutor for Disability Support Services at Gulf Coast Community College.

As a quadriplegic, I’m always looking for ways to help make everyday tasks easier, accessible, and, most importantly, allow me to be independent. One task I have yet to mater is filing. Keeping records is a part of adult life (or so my wife keeps telling me). From the bills we receive to the business cards we keep to the random notes, articles, and clippings we save, we all devise some system of storing; how well organized this system may be is another story.

For me personally, filing these things away in a filing cabinet keeps everything neatly organized but is often a mobility issue for me. The size and shape of my wheelchair often makes getting close enough to a filing cabinet yet leaving enough room to open drawers a difficult feat. Lacking the use of my triceps poses yet another problem for opening drawers with any heft — and trust me, paper does get heavy. And finally, the lack of dexterity in my fingers makes filing such a feat to accomplish that, I admit, I give up before the battle has even gotten underway.

I look to technology to help me make my life more independent. A piece of technology that makes a mobile persons life easier could be the difference in making my life accessible. That’s why I like the Neat Desk.

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for this handy-dandy desktop scanner and digital filing system software on t.v. If you haven’t, below is an informational video on what the Neat Desk does:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Neat Desk, posted with vodpod

Neat Desk How it worksBasically the Neat Desk is an office manager. Through the desktop scanner, bills, receipts, clippings, business cards, pretty much anything paper can be scanned using its top-loader trays. Even better is that the trays can scan in multiple papers at a time in a single batch. The digital filing system technology then searches your documents for key words with which it automatically organizes your documents for you. All documents are keyword searchable, making it as easy a few keystrokes away to find the documents or files you are looking for.

Full details of what the Neat Desk can do and how it does it can be read here or you can visit

With my own personal limited mobility, the Neat Desk provides a way for me to file, be organized, keep accurate records, and most of all I can do all of this independently.

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