Meet Galileo, a wheelchair prototype that has the potential capabilities of supporting almost all levels of mobility that are otherwise virtually impossible for wheelchair users. Tasks like climbing stairs or curbs, reaching items on shelves, being eye level in a conversation, and healthy maintenance of organs, such as the kidneys whose healthy functioning is aided by the act of standing, have thus far been problems that the vast majority of manufacturers in the industry have not been able to find solutions to that meet price, ease of use and regulation needs.

As a prototype, Galileo’s design offers a compact solution to providing the widest range of mobility needs that we have thus far seen available in a single electric wheelchair.

Galileo wheelchair montage

  • Climb up and down stairs
  • Scale sidewalks
  • Quick & nimble
  • Support tilt, recline, tilt/recline combination
  • Elevate seat or lower to ground
  • Support stand-up position
  • Provide entry to vehicles with little or no modifications to vehicle
  • Traverse sand, gravel, or grass
  • Affordable

Galileo’s uniquely designed wheel & track technology allows for a wheelchair that can climb up and down stairs, curbs, travel across grass, gravel and sand, and remain quick and nimble across normal surfaces like pavement. Sounds a little wobbly? Not so! The chair is able to support a fully upright position regardless of terrain or steepness. The current prototype model has supported a 280lb individual up and down a steep staircase and across sand. Galileo’s ultimate vision is to be able to package these capabilities in a safe, intuitive platform and price it comparably to a standard power wheelchair.

Below is a promo video of the Calileo in action. There are several more videos of the chair in action that you can watch here, or simply visit

Galileo, posted with vodpod. Follow my videos on vodpod

4 comments so far

  1. math games on

    post not working in firefox

    • DSS of GCCC on

      You may need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. However, we are aware that some of the videos we have posted are not actually appearing in the post. We are currently working to resolve this problem. Until then, the videos are still viewable through Vodpod. Simply click on the (very) small link that appears in the post under what would be the video OR you can scroll and view the videos you wish to watch in our handy dandy Vodpod widget located in the right hand margin of the page. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  2. Ammar Khan on

    do you realy made such product. if so then give me its link

    • DSS of GCSC on

      No. Sorry. This is a prototype. The link to Galileo Mobility is in the post.

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