American Idol Season 10 New Jersey & New Orleans Audition

Its Idol fever again and last week sparked the new season of American Idol Season 10 with auditions being held in New Jersey and New Orleans. Below are Robbie Rosen and Paris Tassin, just two of the talented tryouts who made it through the first rounds of auditions, earning a golden ticket to continue competing in the Hollywood auditions.

Robbie Rosen once spent a portion of his childhood in a wheelchair after a childhood hip disease left him unable to walk. Robbie is one of the lucky few who grew out of the disease.

Paris Tassin is a young mother trying out for Idol in the hopes of being able to provide for her daughter, who is now deaf after contracting a condition called hydrocephalus, or more commonly known as water on the brain.

Robbie Rosen – American Idol Season 10 Auditions – New Jersey
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Paris Tassin "Temporary Home" American Idol Sea…
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Keep watching American Idol to see what other remarkable people are trying out for this season. Oh, and stay posted here, to the DSS of GCCC blog, for continued coverage.

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