American Idol Season 10 Finishes Hollywood Week

American Idol Season 10 LogoIn case you missed last week’s episodes of American Idol Season 10, it was the continuation of Hollywood Week for the American Idol contestants.

Contestants competed in the dreaded group auditions where we lost one Idol hopeful, Paris Tassin, but continue on with Robbie Rosen, Chris Medina, and James Durbin.

The final rounds of Hollywood Week ended with the Solo Rounds, where individuals gave performances with a live band and were able to play their own instruments. Only 100 contestants made it through eliminations to compete in this round and were fighting for one of only 50 spots. Again, Robbie Rosen, Chris Medina, and James Durbin were one of the chosen few to pass this round.

This week, those 50 contestants will compete in the Beetles Challenge. They will be competing for a coveted spot as one of 24 remaining contestants, who will then compete for one of Idol’s Top 12.

Watch this week’s American Idol competition Wednesday and Thursday. Check your local listings for the time.

And, of course, stay tuned to DSS of GCCC blog for updates on the three Idol hopefuls we are following.

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