Campus Safety looks at mobility-disabled needs


The Evacu-Trac. Image via Garaventa.

Recently members of our department have had the opportunity to view and demo some of the equipment that our Safety department have been considering as part of their disaster preparedness plan. We were then able to give our own feedback on the equipment and the needs we saw necessary to meet when crises occur.

Two of the pieces of equipment looked at were the Evacu-Trac by Garaventa and the Model 6523 by Stryker.

Both chairs are designed for emergency transportation for persons with a mobility-related disability as well as for use in transporting individuals who may have been injured.

Stryker Model 6253

Stryker Model 6253. Image via Stryker.

Primarily, the purpose of either chair is to transport an injured or mobility-disabled individual downstairs in a multt-story building safely during an emergency situation.

For information on the chair’s design and how it functions you can visit Garaventa for info on the Evacu-Trac or Stryker for info on the Model 6253, or click on the links provided.

It’s always nice to know that the college is constantly working towards a safe campus in all situations, but its even nicer to know that the campus is equally concerned for the safety needs of its disabled students and visitors.

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