American Idol Season 10 Update: Beetle’s Challenge

American Idol Season 10 LogoOn last week’s American Idol Season 10, contestants competed in show’s first Beetle’s Challenge. Fans of the show are used to the show’s themed weeks as 12 contestants are slowly whittled away to ONE American Idol. But this year, with so much stiff competition — and to shake things up — producers set up the Beetles challenge, designed to eliminate 10 of the 50 contestants competing.

All three of the contestants we have been watching — Robbie Rosen, Chris Medina, and James Durbin — survived the eliminations and went on to the final solos round. Forty remaining contestants competed in these solos rounds for a chance to make it into the Idol 24 — the last competition of which will determine the Top 12 who will compete for the title of American Idol.

These solo elimination rounds were emotionally charged as contestants knew this was their last shot to impress the judges. And at least one of the contestants, Chris Medina, chose this round to sing a song that emotionally spoke to him, singing Coldplay’s “Fix You,’ a song that he felt embodied his thoughts, love, and devotion to taking care of his fiance, Julia. Just two months before their wedding, Julia suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident that has left her severely disabled.

Unfortunately, in eliminations, the judges cut Medina, though the action left them emotionally distraught, especially for Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez.

Contestants to survive the cuts and earn a spot into the Idol 24 included Robbie Rosen and James Durbin.

Watch new episodes of American Idol this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Check your local listings for scheduled times.

And as always, keep reading the DSS blog to stay updated on our two Idol hopefuls.

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