American Idol Season 10 Update: Idol 12, +1

American Idol Season 10 LogoJust a quick update on American Idol. Last Thursday held the eliminations of the competing 24 contestants to what has become Idol’s Top 12 contestants.

In last weeks three-night competition performances, The first night held the performances of the 12 Boys contestants and the second night held the performances of the 12 Girls contestants. In Thursday’s eliminations, five Boys and five Girls were chosen as America’s favorites, and the judges reserved two wildcard slots, events of which saw a surprising third wildcard given.

Idol hopeful James Durbin, who we learned earlier on in the competition has Aspergers, a form of high functioning autism, and Tourette’s Syndrome, was chosen as one of America’s Favorites.

Idol hopeful, Robbie Rosen, however, was not chosen as an American Favorite. He was, though, chosen by the judges to sing for one of the wildcard slots. Competing against five other hopefuls, Rosen was not one of the chosen two, with a surprising third, contestant to win a wildcard slot.

Check your local listings for show times.

And as always, keep up with the DSS of GCCC blog for updates on our two American Idol hopefuls.

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