ADA 2011 Compliance Deadlines & Updates Webinar

ADA Compliance and Deadlines Handouts

Handouts from the ADA 2011 Compliance & Updates Webinar. Image courtesy Tamara Nguyen.

Today, your friendly staff at Disability Support Services at Gulf Coast Community/State College attended a webinar focused on ADA 2011 Compliance Deadlines and Updates. There are some exciting changes happening in the legal world of disability, beginning with the lowering of the clinical bar for disability diagnosis and the inclusion of a variety of medical, cognitive, and emotional conditions for coverage of disability support services in the category of Life Activities. There was also discussion on the many ways in which the program of disability support and learning services can be of assistance to our returning veterans in their endeavor of degree seeking, for which returning to a traditional classroom or educational institution may become a stressor. The webinar was informative and discussed many of the new changes, the new litigations of ADAAA, and the implementation deadlines for these new policies. Our own program has begun implementing many of these new policies and procedures and will continue to do so as higher education institutions across the nation prepare for this new transition.

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  1. Clifford Frazier on

    GREAT BLOG! You are one of the best writers I’ve seen in a long long time. I hope you keep writing because people like you inspire me!

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