A Selfless Act of Sisterly Love

Anaiah Rucker

Screenshot of 9-year old Anaiah Rucker from MSNBC.

Just what we all need on a Thursday morning, a good cry!

Nine-year old Anaiah Rucker, of Madison, Georgia, is being heralded a hero for saving her five-year old sister’s life after pushing her out of the way of an on-coming vehicle while walking to a school bus stop. Anaiah said she simply acted on instinct, snatching her baby sister back from danger, even though it placed her own life in mortal peril, fearing her younger sibling wouldn’t survive the accident.

Taking the hit instead, Anaiah’s spleen was damaged as well as her kidneys and both legs were broken. Sadly, doctors were unable to save one of her kidneys and had to amputate her left leg.

But this humble young girl doesn’t feel she deserves to be called a hero, instead simply says it was an act of sisterly love.

You can read the full article here.

Watch the news story and Anaiah’s interview on USA Today below:

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Anaiah Rucker Interview on Today, posted with vodpod

Anaiah has a tough road ahead of her, though this little hero has a wonderfully supporting mother, sister, and community behind her. She was given a heroes welcome home from the hospital and the community held a BBQ to raise funds for Anaiah’s medical bills and the renovations needed to make her home handicap accessible. Anaiah’s mother, Andrea Taylor recently lost her job, though there is some small blessing in that she will have the necessary time to dedicate to Anaiah’s long road to recovery and adaptation to her new disability. To mkae your own dedication to help Anaiah you can contact United Bank in Madison through the link provided. A donation fund has been set up in Anaiah’s name.

Goodwin, Liz. “Nine-year-old Loses Leg While Saving Little Sister’s Life.” Online posting. Yahoo!News. MSNBC, 23 Mar. 2011. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.

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