Closed Captioning on Camtasia

Camtasia StudioSome of us here at GCCC were super excited when the college bought the software license for Camtasia. The screen video capture program published by TechSmith offers a whole new dimension possible to teaching in the classroom, and especially for online classes and/or online demonstrations provided for students on ANGEL.

But as wonderful as the teaching possibilities are with Camtasia, the demonstrations can be rendered particularly useless, and even frustrating, to the hearing impaired. However, this problem can be easily remedied with Camtasia’s easy to use Synchronized Text & Audio tool. Added benefits of captioning your Camtasia are that your videos can be easily understood by students who may not have the ability to listen to audio, and you can even create subtitles and onscreen translations for non-native speackers — perfect for our ESOL program and college Spanish classes. Captioning also helps those students who learn best by reading.
Easy to follow directions on adding captions to your Camtasia videos can be found here, on TechSmith’s official site. Its as easy as a click, a copy/paste, and a press of the ole Start button. [Instructions here]

For those who’d rather not read instructions, the site also offers a Video Tutorial at the top of the page.

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